Graphics Procedure

If you've made it to this page it means you're interested in acquiring design or illustration work.  The following is the basic schedule of production we use.


1. Objective Consultation

We'll set up a brief phone meeting to go over the scope of the project.  Do you want a logo, t-shirt, album cover, restaurant menu, etc.  You'll need to know in what capacity your final designs will be used; web, print, apparel, billboards, etc.  We won't be discussing aesthetic decisions at this point.

2. Estimate

Based on our objective consultation, we will generate a price estimate catered to your particular project.  Estimates are created based on the amount of hours we expect to spend on your project.

3. Deposit 

Upon approval of the estimate we require a 50% deposit to get started on your sweet new graphics.  The deposit is non-refundable.

4. Subjective Consultation

We will set up a meeting to find out what you want your graphics to convey aesthetically and emotionally.  It's critical that you have a clear understanding of your brand, company, or public image because this is the stage where we find out all about you, and ultimately translate that into your designs.   In some cases we may want to schedule a follow up meeting for clarification or elaboration.

5. Concepts and Sketches

We will generate a few different ideas.  These may take the form of pencil sketches, digital roughs, photo-collage mood boards, etc., or any combination of these.  The goal of this stage is to find the direction we want to take your graphics.  These are not final designs, but a stepping stone to the end goal.  In most cases the final direction is derived from one of the concepts at this stage.  This process usually takes 2-3 days.  We make our best effort to generate ideas catered to your specific needs and goals as expressed in the questionnaire.  If none of these ideas are used, a second round of concepts will be developed and billed accordingly.

6. Digital Development

After you have decided on a concept, we will sift the chosen design(s) through our style of digital gold-panning.  We will tweak and refine the design to our satisfaction, then pass it along to you for criticism and/or approval.  Designs at this stage will typically be in grayscale.  Color comes next.

7. Revisions & Color

We want you to be happy with your graphics, so we want your feedback.  We'll want you to spend a day or two with the new designs and make some notes.  We'll then set up a meeting to discuss changes, if any, you'd like to make.  In this meeting we will also discuss color options, if applicable, and apply those colors to the design.

8. Final Draft

This is the day you get to see your final graphics.  Hooray!  You will have the opportunity to make any minor changes at this point.

9. Final Invoice

We will invoice you for the remaining balance on your account.  

10. Release Graphics

After the final invoice has been paid, we will send you the final designs in all agreed upon file types.  Please note: High resolution images will always be granted, but original Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files will be released at a premium.


Once you give a written/verbal approval that we can move from one step to the next, we cannot go back and make changes that are involved in a previous step. If you decide that you missed something, or you just changed your mind (which can happen), you will be billed $75/hour for those changes. Because of this, it's important that you are clear in knowing what you want and are communicating that at each step of the way. We promise to do our best in helping aid in this process as well.

Hopefully this has helped you understand the process so that you know how to watch your project develop through the various stages.